Beregost is a mid-sized town (population about 5,000) 150 miles to the north of Nashkel and 75 miles to the south of the Friendly Arm Inn along the coast way.

Being the first border town north of the border to Amn, Beregost sees many travelers, especially recently with the increase in trade and traffic between Amn and Baldurs Gate. For that reason there is a stiff presence of Flaming Fist mercenaries in Beregost at most times.

Beregost is also home to some notable individuals famous along the Sword Coast. Taerom Feariun owns the Thunderhammer Smithy on the east side of town.

Firebearn Elvenhair is a renowned wizard who studied at Candlekeep.

Kagain owns Kagains escort business.

Dunkin and Marl, infamous carousers and adventurers out of Beregost.


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